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Serious About Sponsorship? - Presented by War Scooters

Jayden Fridd Best Of Edit

Cleve, South Australia

Hello to whom is watching my name is Jayden Fridd and i'm from a small town of Cleve, South Australia. I am a passionate scooter rider and i am looking to progress the sport. with your sponsorship this may let me be able to achieve that. I have a good following and currently am an ambassador for a local clothing brand. i have got an awesome edit in the works which will be released in the near future.
thanks jayden

Scooter edit of Sarah DESCHERES

Segré ,Maine et loire in france !

Hello ! My name is Sarah Descheres, i have 17 years yold . I from france more precisely in Segré (49500). I'm present on most social networks and I spend there time to post different videos. For example in :

-instagram :  sarah_dchrs

-facebook : Sarah Descheres

-snapchat : sarah.descheres 

- youtube : tutoridedu49_Sarah