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Trevor Anders

San Jose California

Hello my name is Trevor Anders and im 11 years old. I love scootering my favorite rider is rwilly. im a rider that is will to try some thing new. you will see me riding day or night rain or shine. once again my name is Trevor Anders and im a super friendly rider. Thank you.

Jack Bultitude

Maclean nsw Australia

Hi my names jack Bultitude I love riding scooters and if you's did sponsor me I would represent you's with respect and would listen to you's If you asked me to do something but I live in a small town called Maclean an the skatepark I rid ears maclean skatepark please sponsor me

Carson Burgess - please sponsor me

australia, queensland brisbane

hi i am carson i am 13 years old and i can do a lot of tricks. i go to the skatepark nearly every weekend. i have been riding for about a year and half now. i can do flairs,bar bar air, 360 bar bar, bri air, front scooter flip, bar twist, triple bar, oppo bar oppo bar, 360 oppo bar, triple whip air. so thanks for reading this and please sponsor me thanks.

We would greatly appreciate a sponsorship - Nate Webb, Dane Hilly

San Diego California Pacific Beach

Me and my partner want you to sponsor us because scootering is our passion and we use all our freetime together practicing tricks and launching our 3 ramps. We have a youtube channel called PEOPLE OF THE SCOOTERS TRICK,we have been making videos and practicing on his LUCKY scooters for about a month now. My scooter broke 2 weeks ago and i have been using his sisters scooter unfortunately; please sponsor us we have been trying hard for awhile i would say we are about amatuer level. We do tutorials freestyle and ramps, almost everything. I hope you sponsor us.

George Hinton - Shredd it while doing an edit


Hi there 

I was just wondering if I could have the chance to be a part of your team.I am not so good at scooting but I could mabye help you in another way. I always wear a helmet when scooting and I am 12 years old . I would like to help promote your company.I don't want the parts so much as I have got a good scooter at the moment but it would be useful if you could supply me with some wheels every now and again.