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Kyle Kosanovich - sponsorship search

Prosper, Tx USA


Kyle Kosanovich is 14 and he is looking for a good sponsor to represent. It dousn't matter if it's a clothing line or a scooter parts company; he's ready to represent! Kyle has a instagram and you can check it out @kylekosanovich. There's a few clips on there if you want to check him out. Kyle should also have a edit coming out very soon so be on the look for that! You can e-mail him at [email address withheld; contact ScootAm for user's email address].

Johnathon Savino - Plz sponsor me

Levittown pa

Hi my name is johnathonim 14 years old I started riding for fun when I was 13 I can tail whip, 180, 360, 180 fakey 180 whip out, full cap, and almost double whip I've never went to a skate park so I don't know if I'm good at park or not I hope u think about sponsoring me and if u want a video of me doing so tricks please send me a email at [email address withheld; contact ScootAm for user's email address] thank you