Video and Photos

Cody Weaver Winter Edit, Kacy Cartmell A few Pictures

Tampa, FL USA

I'm Kacy Cartmell and I edited and filmed my friend Cody, maybe one of his last videos he's considering quitting and going to Skateboarding. A couple edited pictures and some I took and the pictures of me are by my dad!!! Go check out my Facebook: And our Instagram: @kcthescootergirl16 and @cweaver_7117

Mark Vega Edit

Bronx, New York

this is Mark Vega. He's a 14 year old boy for the Bronx, New York. He has been skating for a long time now. He's trying to get a sponsor and the is interested in you guys looking at his videos. He believes he has the potential to being sponsored with you guy and giving you guys the best performance he can on his scooter. All he wants is to make it and be sponsored. We all believe he has a big future ahead of him in scooters.