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Louis Vicary Sponsor me edit


I’m Louis a 16-Year-old SMX Rider living in Norwich Norfolk United Kingdom, looking to represent your brand and company to attract more attention to your sales and business. I’ve been a very passionate hard working rider for the last year. Previously I had been riding for 1 and a half years so I’ve had a fair bit of experience and believe I am now at a level with confidence and strong abilities to become pro and bring a lot of attention to your company.
At my local skate parks I have a very well gained reputation not only for helping people with their techniques and welcoming but for making inquiries for the parks to be rebuilt so me and everyone who rider Scooter, BMX, skateboard and skates can enjoy them self with new facilities.
Someday I would love to become pro, I’ve recently been looking for competitions to enter but I would like a brand to represent when I go to the events.  I believe a strong and good scooter rider does not turn up to the park trying to impress but to go there with a smile on their face hoping to help others and making their experience as enjoyable as possible for the rider, I have been pushing myself to the limits recently to have the best outcome possible and by 2017 I would love to be pro.

I ride both street and park and learn a great variety of tricks and so far am one of the best at my local skate parks.
Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and hope you can consider taking me on to the team. Hope to hear from someone soon with a positive reply. 
Kind regards
                -Louis Vicary

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