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Tyler Cain- Scooter edit

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Hello, I'm Tyler Cain and I'm a beginner at scootering I've been scootering for 4 months now and me and my friends been wanting to try to get sponsored. (this is just for me not my friends, meaning just the video)

My tricks aren't that good I've been trying to land more tail whips, I've done a lot of tail whips if just never got any on video, I've been doing a lot of bunny hoping lately (witch is really easy) but I'm trying to challenge myself to become better and better each day. I scooter with my friend Max (he's submitting a sponsership video soon) we scooter almost for 4 1/2 hours a day.

My videos aren't the best quality right now because I've been waiting to get better and youse my actual Cannon Camera,  

Im also planning to get better at skate parks with my friend Max in the future, we are also doing this for a project at our school called genius hour ( my project is trying to get sponsored on scooter) 

Well Thank You for reading Please Email me back


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