Jono Kercher

Farnham Skatepark Day Edit | Ben Miller, Zack Pound, Jono Kercker & Patrick Buckland

Alton, Hampshire, UK

Me & Patty Met up with Jono and Zack, over at Farnham's New Skatepark that opened a few months back. We decided to shoot a day edit over there since there's so much too ride with nice street features, Spine and Mini.

Jono Kercher l Chill Edit

Bordon, Hampshire, UK


14 Years old!

SONG : Darius - Maliblue
This was filmined over 2 days on my brothers new camera he will be releasing more edits now including weekly uploads so go give him a sub!

I have started a new channel which will also have this edit and I need to get all my subs back so if you could all help me out but going and subscribing to my new channel it is only going to be TOP quality stuff!

These clips were all within 5/6 goes.
I'm in the process of making my 'BIG' edit so I'm saving all my best clips for that!
Hope you enjoy ... I know its long for a chill edit but its just all the decent clips we got!
The lines were not planned I  just threw random tricks so sorry if there are any repeat tricks