Malakai Friesen

Malakai's scoot

Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada- relocating to Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

Hi there! My game is Malakai Friesen I'm 11 years old and I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario
I have been scootering seriously for 2 years now and I eat sleep breathe scoot!!! I am in grade 6 at our local catholic school,my mom works at a nursing home and I go there sometimes to spend time with the residents and sing with them and sometimes all they want is a hug. In my free time I love to scooter(when it's nice out)game and work on my tricks on the trampoline! My mom drives me all over different parts of Canada and USA to check out all different types of skateparks and each summer I go to scooter camps in different cities.
 I am sponsored by 3 companies here already and am ready to branch out bigger!!! I'm hoping you will consider me as part of your team and help me on my journey to greatness!!