Matthew Procopio

Matt Procopio/Newport Skate Park

Landenberg, Pa 19350, US

This is my nine year old. He has been on a scooter rider for two years. He has been involved with extreme sports since before he was 3. He started riding BMX.  After a number of years, and four trips to Woodward, (two of which he was TAPed for), he decided he wanted to give more time to Scooter riding.  He has been through so many scooters that we had to purchase a "pro" scooter.  He is currently riding a GRIT Invader SES.  He has grown faster on this scooter than we could possibly imagine.  He even did Mini Mega at Woodward this year. He has a passion and the drive to excel in this sport.  He is also extremely tenacious.  He does not give up. Matthew wants his "bag o tricks" to grow, so he is at his home skate park regularly.  We even have large ramps, in our back yard, that he practices on when we can not get him to the park.  We feel that, if given the opportunity, Matthew will become a force to be reckoned with and we, as a family, look forward to and support him in this passion.