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Welcome to the ScootAm Scoop!

Bam! Welcome to the ScootAm Scoop!

ScootAm admins will use this section of the site to communicate ScootAm news as well as tips, tricks, and recommendations to help you improve your promos. Here are a few easy tips to get you started with improving your promo submissions:

  • Spelling and Grammar
    i can haz a spncerchip? i m so gud you shud sponcer meh n gib meh prtz

    If you're serious about getting sponsored, then you understand that sponsorship is not a gift, but a job. You are acting as an advertisement for the company. No one is going to pay for a billboard advertisement that has a bunch typos and sloppy graphics, so treat your own presentation the same way. Take the time to write complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Be neat and organized, but most importantly, be professional.
  • First Impressions Count
    Hi, I'm Bob and I'm a terrible scooter rider with no tricks and I put together this sloppy, poorly made video. Please sponsor me.

    If you don't have a ton of tricks or a pro-level camera, that's okay, but don't release a sloppy promo and make apologies about it. If it's not your best work for your skill level and filming/editing expertise, don't release it! Releasing a sloppy promo with your name on it might permanently associate your name and the poor promo together in the mind of a sponsor. For example:
    "This first video from Bob is so bad that I can't even watch it. The tricks are fine, but the filming is too shaky so I can't even see what he's trying to do. Oh look, here's another promo from Bob. I'm not even going to bother looking at this one because his first promo was so bad."
  • Always Be Representing
    Are you sponsored? Yep, I ride for me!

    Even when you aren't sponsored, you're still representing yourself, so treat it like you're sponsored by the biggest company you can imagine! YOU will always be the most important supporter of your freestyle scootering career. If a potential sponsor sees you acting like a fool, they aren't going to think, "Ehh, he'll be better once he's on the team". Instead, they'll think, "This kid can't even act professional on his own! There's no way we're putting him on the team". So remember that you're portraying how you will represent future sponsors even when you aren't sponsored. Act pro.


So there you have it! Just a few quick tips to improve your promos and exposure for our first installment of the ScootAm Scoop. Watch for more articles in the future. Thanks for stopping by!