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Your Equipment is Good Enough to Produce Great Content

While we are on the subject of filming promos and quality, let me  talk about cameras. I used to shoot all my video on hi8 cameras, then on DV cameras. I have one really good DVcam, and a couple simple handycams. I was always envious of all the folks with the HD cameras, so when I finally had some extra cash laying around, I took the plunge and bought an HD camera. 

My first few days were super exciting: new features, better resolution, better low-light performance, I could even overcrank it for slo-mo! Then I tried to edit all that footage I’d gathered. I quickly found that my old computer not only couldn’t keep up with HD, it couldn't even play it at all. This was a dual processor graphics beast back in it’s day, but HD video, sadly, it could not do. I tried other options, other computers, both Macs and PCs I had around, but they were all a few years old, and so, couldn’t cut it.

What’s the point you ask? Is it that I simply want to complain that my poor, weak, couple-year outdated computers can’t handle my camera? Yes. However....

I still have DV cameras I can use. I still have workstations that can edit DV video just great. I COULD STILL BE MAKING VIDEOS IF I’D JUST GET PAST THE FACT THAT I CAN’T CURRENTLY MAKE VIDEOS WITH MY HD CAMERA! I could even make videos on my phone. I’ve seen kids at skate parks make their own steadycams for their phones! Focus on the action, keep it steady enough so nobody pukes, and cut out the boring stuff.

What I’m saying is, a tool is a tool and a paintbrush is a paintbrush. Use what works for you. Strive to do the best work with what you have. Realize that being comfortable with the tools you have makes you that much better, and that much more likely to succeed.

When I finally get a workstation that can handle HD without me having to spend hours waiting, upgrading, or throwing stuff, I will re-enjoy my fancy HD camera all over again. But for now I gotta get some shredding on some good old TAPE.

Grab what ya got, go shred, and film it. And post it on ScootAm! :)

[Other ScootAm admin's note to author: Quit being cheap and buy a new computer. ;) ]