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Submit Promo

Use this form to submit a promo for yourself or someone else. You can submit promos for Videos, Photos, Photos & Videos, Sponsorship announcements, Event Results, or General Announcements. Once your promo has been submitted, it will be reviewed by ScootAm moderators and, if appropriate, approved for public display. Title (please include rider name or group), Rider Name, and Description will be visible in your approved promo. Description is for viewers of your promo, not a private message to ScootAm moderators. If you have a preferred release date, please specify the date, otherwise it will be published as soon as ScootAm moderators approve it.

Many people misunderstand the service ScootAm provides. If you have not yet done so, please read the About page and watch our What Is ScootAm video.
Provide the rider's first and last name (both are required). Separate multiple names with a comma (i.e. Steve Johnson, Bob Smith, Jane Doe).
Please provide your email address so we may contact you if there is an issue with your promo and so we can notify you when your promo is approved. This field is not required, but if you do not provide an email address and we cannot contact you regarding a concern about your promo, we may not publish it. Your email address will not be shared and is only for moderators.
Enter the city, state/province, and country where you live so potential sponsors can identify if you are in a region where they are looking for riders. Please do not provide your full address.

Promo Submit

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