Ethan Hendy after school chills


I have been riding for nealy a year and 6 months now and would love a supporting sponsor to help me progress wih my scooting and to help get the sponsor company out there I may be on a sponsored clothing line but I feel ready for a shop sponsor but most of all I'm not in it for the sponsorship they're just a bonus I do this sport because I can meet new people go new places and experience epic stuff like grit academy and scoot fest that's why I love riding. 

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Reece Campbell sponsorship video

Kettering, Ohio, United States

Hi my name is Reece and I am 11 years old. I have been scootering for a while and decited to make a scooter edit. This video covers some of my good tricks that I can get mostly anywhere. I can do some good tricks that I did not put in the video like my 540s and handrails. I am about to put out another edit with me doing more difficult tricks. I made my video just to have fun and show people what i can do. I may not be the best rider out there but scootering is what i love to do and i will never stop it. If i got sponsored i wouldn't even to be able to tell you how much that would mean to me. I want to be sponsored to make peoples companys bigger and to make the sport of scootering bigger not to get free parts or to show off. If I got sponsored that would be the best day of my life. I would like to think anyone that has had my back ever since I have started scootering. I put my video up two weeks ago and it has over 200 views already. It means a lot to me that there are that many people out there that would want to watch me scooter. Thats all I have to say and I hope that one day I do get sponsored!!!