Isaac Tinga Web Edit 2014

Victoria BC Canada

Hi my name is Isaac Tinga and i am 13 years of age.... i live in Victoria BC Canada and my home skatepark is Vic West Skatepark aka Veedub...... i ride at Vic west every day and ride street sometimes.... i am trying to learn double whip flat and bri-flips..... i have been riding for 3 months now and am starting to make videos....

Please Like and visit my youtube channel............

Thanks -Isaac Tinga

Isaac Tinga - Vic West Day Edit

Victoria BC Canada

Hi my name is Isaac Tinga, and i am from Victoria BC Canada i have been riding for 3 months and my local park is Vic West Skatepark. My Friend Alec is the one that did the fingerwhip and he has been riding for a little over 1 year. We are hoping to get better and start making full time videos. I can almost land a bri-flip i can land them one foot :D . Please visit us on youtube :D Thanks -Isaac Tinga

Connor Empson


hello im connor empson im from england and ive been riding a scooter for almost a year and half now and i love riding.

i ride every single day street or park i love them both, im 16 years of age and i love to progress and would love to get even further in to scooters thankyou