Luis Tena

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Clearlake California

Hi my name is Luis Tena I am 16 years old and I am A local scooter rider from Clearlake California I am A very good scooter rider I am respectful and responsible and I always have a positive attitude all the time and I am a good influence to young riders and to everyone around me and I always set a good example and try to help everyone out I really love you're company and I would love to represented and to help you guy's grow and I was wondering how could I be sponsored by you guys I would love to ride for your company and I will always represent you're company in a positive way and tell everyone about you guy's please let me know as soon as you get a chance thanks for you're time here is some stuff where you can check me out on and my old edit i'm way better now trust me I have a new edit coming soon enjoy.



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